Pitbull Strings is a statebacked boutique guitar&bass strings manufacturing company. Pitbull Strings is the only registered trademark of guitar and bass strings in Turkey.


Pitbull Strings’ GOLD series are manufactured with the combination of the most compatible raw materials. They are made of high carbon alloy American made steel core with stable tuning features. Gold series are the flagship of Pitbull Strings, loved by musicians all around the world. These strings are produced to the highest standards with all musical needs, playing comfort and sound quality in mind.

They preserve a very long life span thanks to our super vacuum packaging system. The Gold series are the choice of professionals. 

With the Gold series, you play guitar, you reflect your soul !


Pitbull Strings’ COATED series have a normal and excellent timbre quality thanks to the non-felt nano coating technology developed by us. They are, made by high carbon alloy American-made steel core and have a long life span and long-lasting tuning attributes.

Your fingers will not feel or detect the coating on the strings thanks to our high quality coating technology !

If you need long lasting and natural notes, the COATED series are for you. 

Be durable like a Pitbull, play Coated series !


Pitbull Strings’ SILVER series are designed for a comfortable and silky feel. The R&D research we carried out for SILVER Series resulted with the best quality raw materials, great performance features and the best price. With this, Pitbull Strings designed the SILVER series for musicians to get the best performance with most economical convenience. They have a very long life span thanks to our super vacuum packaging system. 

Feel the tension with Pitbull Silver Series strings!